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Advanced Model-Based Design

SCADE Suite Advanced Modeler provides software data flow and state machine design and simulation capabilities in a fully integrated environment. The environment connects with configuration management tools, SCADE Display, SCADE Architect, ANSYS Twin Builder, National Instruments Veristand™ and FMI compliant tools, and includes the following model-based design capabilities:
  • Intuitive and familiar graphical notation based on unlimited nesting of data flows and hierarchical state machines
  • Graphical decision diagrams
  • Array iterators to facilitate operator multi-instantiation and perform complex data processing
  • Model completeness and determinism guaranteed
  • Strongly-typed language
  • Easy reuse and readability of design
  • Efficient editing features, such as multiple connection drawing, navigation in model, search and unlimited undo
  • Semantic comparison of various versions of models, packages, operators, or state machines with location and reporting features
  • SCADE Suite library components: integrators, hysteresis, quantizers, filters, flip-flops, truth tables, look-up tables, matrix operators, etc.
  • Import of legacy code into designs
  • Read/write access to SCADE Suite project and model files via Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) or Tcl API
  • Wizard for script development