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Simulating and Debugging

Once described with graphical and/or textual blocks in SCADE Suite, you can simulate a software design or any of its blocks. SCADE Suite simulation capabilities are based on the actual SCADE Suite generated code, and provide a powerful visual debugging environment that enables you to define stop conditions,set breakpoints within an execution cycle and examine the internal variables and output values. You can also record and play back scenarios. The ASCII format of the scenarios makes it easy to integrate the SCADE Suite simulation phase within existing workflows. SCADE Suite simulation tasks can be tailored and automated using the Tcl scripting language.
SCADE Suite simulation and debugging capabilities include:
  • Executable SCADE Suite designs
  • Detailed simulation of actual SCADE Suite-generated code
  • Scenario recording and playback
  • Early detection of specification errors
  • Automatic non-regression tests
  • Interactive and batch modes
  • Access to variables and probes for debugging in the graphical model
  • Breakpoints on control, data and time criteria
  • Support of SCADE Test Environment input formats
  • Co-simulation with MathWorks® Simulink® and MATLAB®
  • Simulation driven by Tcl scripts for complex customized scenarios
  • Slave mode for connection to your simulation environment and tools (co-simulation)
  • Functional Mock-up Unit export (32/64-bits) from SCADE Suite models for connection to ANSYS Twin Builder® and any FMI-compliant system simulation tools