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Automatic Code Generation

SCADE Suite KCG is a C and Ada code generator from Scade models that has been qualified as a development tool for DO-178B software up to Level A and DO-178C/DO-330 at TQL-1; certified for IEC 61508 at SIL 3 and for EN 50128 at SIL 3/4; and qualified for ISO 26262 software up to ASIL D. This code generator saves verification effort in the coding phase, such as code reviews and low-level testing on the SCADE Suite KCG generated code. This productivity improvement shortens certification and/or modification time and effort. SCADE Suite KCG has successfully passed the qualification procedure on several large programs, and is currently used in production for a number of programs in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Generated code properties
  • Fulfills embeddable code constraints: static memory allocation, static bounded loops, no recursion
  • Generates high quality and safe C and Ada production code: optimized, customizable, readable and traceable
  • Introduces no dead code
  • Produces portable code
Qualifiable/Certified SCADE Suite KCG 6.4
  • Qualifiable as a DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C
  • Qualifiable as a development tool under DO-178B
  • Qualified under ISO 26262:2011 at ASIL D and C
  • Certified under IEC 61508:2010 at SIL 3
  • Certified under EN 50128:2011 at SIL 3/4
SCADE Suite KCG 6.5
  • C and Ada code generation
  • Language and typing extensions (new iterators, bitwise operators, 8/16/32/64-bit numeric types (signed/ unsigned) and 32/64-bit floats
SCADE Suite KCG Ada Code Generator
  • Produces standard Ada 95 code that is compliant with SPARK 95.
  • Seamlessly fits into the development flows of existing Ada users.
Code Integration
  • Automatic integration of the generated code to Wind River® VxWorks® 653 and VxWorks® CERT, Green Hills® Software INTEGRITY™-178B, SYSGO PikeOS and other RTOSes
  • Customizable RTOS adaptors for generated code
  • ASAM MCD-2 MC code calibration capability linked to model