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SCADE Tools Integration

SCADE Suite easily integrates with tools for systems architecture design, HMI development and testing and application lifecycle management, providing a complete environment for all embedded software development activities.
Synchronization with System Design
SCADE Suite enables you to refine software components based on structural system modeling in the SCADE Architect environment. This ensures:
  • Bi-directional synchronization between system models and software models
  • Consistent and efficient management of I/Os and data definitions and changes
  • No duplication of efforts in synchronizing interfaces defined at the system level and refined at the software level
Rapid Prototyping
SCADE Suite connection with SCADE Test Rapid Prototyper helps you to:
  • Design and build interactive graphical panels for SCADE Suite simulation sessions
  • Access a library of predefined and customizable widgets (controls and indicators)
  • Automatically generate executable applications for Windows, Apple iOS, or Android platforms
  • Generate 32/64-bit Functional Mock-up Units (FMU) for connection to ANSYS Twin Builder and FMI-compliant system simulation tools
Development of Embedded Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
SCADE Suite enables you to design the control logic associated with graphical HMIs designed in SCADE Display. Features include:
  • Co-design: Tight design-level integration of critical logic and graphic components in embedded applications
  • Co-simulation: Early prototyping and validation in white-box and black-box mode between display application logic and graphic components
  • Co-reporting: Integration of report generation between SCADE Suite models and SCADE Display graphical specifications
  • Co-generation: Integrated deployment of SCADE Suite and SCADE Display generated code
Application Life Cycle Management
SCADE Suite integration with SCADE LifeCycle provides the following capabilities:
  • Project monitoring with SCADE LifeCycle Dashboard to compute metrics reported on predefined and customizable dashboards
  • Requirements management and traceability with SCADE LifeCycle Requirements Management Gateway
  • Automatic documentation generation with SCADE LifeCycle Reporter
  • Integration with SCADE LifeCycle Reporter and SCADE LifeCycle Requirements Management Gateway shared with SCADE Display and SCADE Architect