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Best-in-class Qualification/Certification Support

The SCADE Suite toolkit offers a complete solution for the development of high-integrity embedded applications. The Scade language has been specifically designed in cooperation with customers and authorities to address high-integrity embedded applications.
The SCADE Suite KCG C and Ada code generator is qualified/certified as a DO-330 TQL-1 tool under DO-178C, ISO 26262:2011 at ASIL D and C, IEC 61508:2010 at SIL 3 and EN 50128:2011 at SIL 3/4. The tool itself has been developed following these standards.
The SCADE Suite C Compiler Verification Kit (CVK) is an integral part of Esterel Technologies Combined Testing Process. CVK is a test suite that contains all possible C constructs (and combinations of these constructs to a certain level of complexity) that can be generated by SCADE Suite KCG C Code Generator. CVK is used to verify that the target C compiler correctly compiles the C code generated by SCADE Suite. The objective of this verification is to obtain the required level of confidence that there is no discrepancy between Source and Object Code that can be introduced by compiler/linker, according to a procedure that obeys DO-178C. CVK supports early verification of the correctness and consistency between the development tools chain and the target platform. It demonstrates that the C code generated by SCADE Suite KCG is correctly compiled by the C target compiler and that the resulting code executes correctly on a given target platform. CVK also supports customizable automation execution scripts.
The DO-178B and C Certification Plans for SCADE Applications contain generic certification plans for embedded applications with either DO-178B or DO-178C objectives. These plans can be customized to the specific project environment and can then be audited by safety authorities (FAA, EASA, etc.). ANSYS experts can help with the customization.